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Website Features and Pricing:

Pricing is based on class size. We charge a low annual fee to maintain your class website, database and other on-line features. Between reunions, you'll have full access to your database and website for making updates and changes. You'll also be able to organize mini-reunions or fundraisers, make important announcements and send out newsletters or holiday greetings by e-mail.

We hope you and your class find the website to be useful and will support its continued development by signing up today! If you have any suggestions for the website, please send them to us.

Class Website Features:
Easy Class Administration Pages
Password protected with the option of granting access privileges to other committee members. Includes basic accounting features for database updates, RSVP information for up to three separate events (ie. an informal social event, the actual reunion, a family picnic, etc.), plus money collected.
Easy Class Website Creator
A word-processor style editor for designing your website - easy enough for novices but still advanced enough for more experienced website designers! Since everything is done on-line, you can even assign access privileges to other planning committee members to share the responsibilities of designing and maintaining the website.
Easy Class Database Manager
Input and manage your class database and RSVP information online. Since it's all done on-line through password-protected pages, you can even share database responsibilities among several different committee members. Search, add, edit or delete names from your class list whenever you want.
Easy Mailmerge Creator
Create a mailmerge file with the touch of a button to be used in Microsoft Word for printing mailing labels. You'll just save the mailmerge file onto your computer and then use Word's mailmerge feature to print your labels.
Easy Class List
Displays your class list online (names only) so classmates, neighbors, friends and family, etc. can see if you already have contact information on file for a particular person. If not, they can easily send in their information by clicking on a person's name and sending you an e-mail about that classmate.
Easy Class E-mail Address
A class e-mail address from DouglasFreemanReunions.com will forward all incoming messages to an existing personal or class e-mail account (ie. a Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Gmail account which you already have).
Easy Class Emailer
Send important announcements to your classmates (those with e-mail addresses on file) with the touch of a button! Create a quarterly class bulletin with interesting stories, news and other updates sent in by your classmates or just send out holiday greetings every year to keep in touch between reunions.
Easy Name Tag Creator
Select from several pre-designed name tag templates with school colors, logo and even all the "then" photos which you'll be able to upload to your database (see below).
Easy Trivia Quiz Creator
Bring back the memories from your high school days with trivia about the Richmond area, your teachers, your class, sports, politics, movies or Top 40's music, etc. The possibilities are endless, so have some fun!
Easy Slideshow Creator
Upload and share up to 250 photos (with captions!) from all of your class reunion activities. All slideshows are created automatically in a higher-resolution format for Cable/DSL users and a lower-resolution format for dial-up users.
Easy Then and Now Photos
Scan and upload your classmates yearbook photos and then ask them for recent photos to show the difference between then and now. The "then" photos that you upload will also be used for creating name tags for your reunion events.
Easy Reunion Sponsors Page
The Reunion Sponsors Page is a great way to get local area businesses excited about donating door prizes, raffle items, cash, coupons or other items for your reunion. A single reunion sponsor could also cover the annual fee for your website, so here's your chance to give the a little credit for helping to make your reunions a success.
Easy MapQuest Map and Directions Creator
You input your reunion location street address to set up the system. Then, classmates who visit your class website can just type their home addresses to get detailed driving directions and a printable map.
Easy PayPal Payment Buttons
Set up a PayPal account and start accepting reunion payments or class dues on-line, directly through your class website. You specify the amounts to be collected, and we'll create the payment button and link out to your PayPal account.
Easy Class Message Board
Allow classmates to post personal messages directly to the website. This is a great way for people to contribute ideas for your reunion, comment on how it all went or just try to track down long-lost classmates and friends.
Easy Online RSVP Form
This will be a "tentative" RSVP form which classmates will be able to fill out online. The idea is to help you get an unofficial "head count" weeks or months prior to the official RSVP/payment deadline.
Easy Alumni Directory
You and your classmates will get your own personal web pages to write about yourselves, your families, careers, travels, etc. You'll also get to create slideshows with up to 20 photos each to show the rest of us some highlights of what you've been up to over the years. Access to and participation in the Alumni Directory is available FREE OF CHARGE to ALL Alumni whose classes maintain a website here.

Pricing is based on class size.
One-time Setup Fee $25
The Annual Fee will cover full access to your class website, your administration pages and database, the e-mailer, trivia quizzes, slideshows, etc. If your annual fee is paid up each year, there will be no additional setup fees in the future. To the right, we've calculated what the monthly fee works out to be just for your information, but you'll actually pay yearly.
Class SizeAnnual Fee
$  49 ($4.08/mo.)
$  69 ($5.75/mo.)
$  89 ($7.42/mo.)

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